© Ettore Ferrari
El Festival de Cine de Venecia es una de las citas más importantes del acontecer cinematográfico mundial.

Film director Alfonso Cuarón once again won the most desired prize at the Venice Film Festival, the Golden Lion, with Rome.
His art had been awarded in 2013 with the Golden Lion, and then with the Oscars, for the science fiction film Gravity.
His new film, in black and white, moved both critics and the audience, in this 75th edition of the Venetian Film Festival, the oldest in the world. Contrary to his previous work, this new film proposal is a tribute to his land, his personal history and the Mexican social processes. Set in the 1970s in Rome, a suburb of Mexico City, it narrates the vicissitudes of a wealthy family and their nanny, as around social conflicts revolutionize the world.
This film is not only a reason for the director to reveal the events that revolved around his childhood, but also to speak in a universal way about women and current issues such as betrayal, deceit and the inferiority condition in which they live in the macho society, with many references to today.