© Y. Dubrosky

The enriching result of this innovative pedagogical experience between a French company, Malandain Ballet Biarritz, and the “Fernando Alonso” National Ballet School, that took place for a week at its headquarters in Havana, was presented at the multidisciplinary space called the Fábrica de Arte Cubano with three night performances open to the public.
The pedagogical experience was presented by members of the French company founded and directed by choreographer Thierry Malandain, based on the curatorial project of Mr. Xavier D'Arthuys and the participation of choreographer Sandra Ramy.
This opportunity allowed us to gauge the positive of the participatory choral event for the artistic and ethical development of the twenty mid-level ballet students chosen by the directors of the ENBFA (“Fernando Alonso” National Ballet School.) Their participation in the classes and rehearsals for almost six hours a day during that week, under  Wendy Ferrer´s professional coordination, one of the prime ballerinas of Danza Contemporánea de Cuba (Cuban Contemporary Dance,) who teaches courses of contemporary technique for advanced levels, was satisfactory. Two remarkable dancers-choreographers from the French company can testify to this: Gilles Schambert and Frederick Deberdt.