© Gabriel Dávalos
Viengsay Valdés frente al Gran Teatro de La Habana Alicia Alonso. © Gabriel Dávalos

Viengsay Valdés, the first ballerina of the Cuban National Ballet (CNB), illuminates every stage she touches. Her mastery of the body, the ease and spontaneity of his dance, the professionalism she assumes choreography and styles, together with the credibility she injects to the characters she plays, whether dramatic, lyrical, evil, roguish or seductive, make her one of the great ladies of the Cuban scene.
Valdés thrills audiences from the most diverse latitudes. The main means of communication of the planet are evidence of this. Her name appears in the posters of recognized galas and international festivals. Different companies invite her to work on  their own productions.
In August she gave her art at the Tokyo Bunka Kainkan Theater, at the 15th Ballet Festival held in Japan, an event that brings together only the best in the world. She was called for the third time.
The National Ballet of Cuba celebrates its seventy years of founded in 2018, and Viengsay often likes to go into the story around that effort: "It is important to remember, keep what we have and defend it, so that the Cuban National Ballet continues being a great company recognized internationally. I can not say it in any other way: I feel proud to belong to the Cuban National Ballet”.