The documentary The Vernacular Tradition in the Cuban Theater, produced by the Caricatos Artistic Representation Agency in collaboration with the Recordings and Musical Editions Company (Egrem), was directed by Pedro Maytin Tejera, and has a script by the prestigious actor Carlos Padrón.
Padrón talked about the purpose of the production team for trying to cover "the whole spectrum, since the characterization of a black man emerged for the first time, a fundamental character in the Cuban scene".
The vernacular tradition in the Cuban theater gathers testimonies of important personalities of the Cuban culture. All of them explain why it is vital to rescue a theatrical event so vilified in the last decades and that at that time defended actors and creators such as Candita Quintana, Enrique Arredondo, Archimedes and Carlos Pous, Alicia Rico, Garrido and Piñero,and Eduardo Robreño.