Alicia Alonso junto a las primeras bailarinas Sadaise Arencibia, Viengsay Valdés, Grettel Morejón y Anette Delgado.

The National Ballet of Cuba reach, to the pride of all, its seven decades of glorious struggle, event that marks a milestone not only in the scope of our stage dance but also in the history of our national culture.
The triad Alonso-Alicia, Fernando and Alberto, since the mid-thirties of the last century, had the audacity to go beyond the elitist framework of the Ballet School of the Pro Arte Musical Society of Havana.
In these seventy years of continuous work that we now celebrate, the National Ballet of Cuba has managed to be in a high place in the national culture and in the international dance movement, the best example of a new school.
On June 19, the Cuban Government decided to declare the National Ballet of Cuba as Cultural Heritage of the Cuban Nation, through the Resolution number 31 of the Ministry of Culture. In view of the greatness of the creative work of the company, the world recognizes it as the fruit of the talent of a whole people, of the unshakable faith of a group of creators and of a wise artistic policy that has been able to value the inheritance of the past, complete the duties of its time and the no less imperative demands of the future.