El conductor Luis Silva y el multipremiado realizador Alejandro Pérez.
Gala de Nominados 2017.

The Lucas project, created by Orlando Cruzata, helped to recognize us in our illustrated music, not to look far for what was so close. More than a television show that screens Cuban videos and an awards gala, Lucas is also a magazine, radio broadcast, book and website. The event, which began with just twenty videos, this year closed its call, with two hundred and forty videos, the past 1st October.
The jury that delivers the prizes is comprised by eleven professionals from different specialties recognized for their work. Each one expresses his vote in a secret way, so that the final result be part of the emotion shared in each gala. Although the categories in its beginnings were not more than a dozen, each year if necessary new specialties are incorporated, consistent with the times of visual work.
This year the nominations will be presented on November, to enjoy the awarded ingenuity  at the end of December. Who will raise Lucas, who will join this tour of the Cuban identity? These are the questions that make each award a tribute to Cuban culture.