Viengsay Valdés en el primer acto de Giselle en el Kennedy Center.
Sadaise Arencibia y Raúl Abreu en Giselle, en Tampa.

A disqualification to a one night performance or to the continuity hallmark which honours the National Ballet of Cuba (BNC in Spanish) by the recognized critic Sarah L. Kaufman seems more than enough for those who against the approach Cuba-United States, take profit on ruining the brilliance of this prominent institution of the Cuban culture and with it, the Arts Festival of Cuba’s success, which took place from 8th May to 3rd June on the John F. Kennedy for the Scenic Arts, in Washington D.C.    
Sarah Kaufman is well-known as the winner of a Pulitzer for «her refreshing and creative opinion», «provocative commentaries» and «original points of view». However, after the published text on the 30th May by the American daily newspaper The Washington Post about the recent performance of the BNC on Kennedy Center, chances are that this renowned tendency to certain media coverage to the Festival shall be seen once more.
On April 2011, regarding to some presentations of Don Quixote on American stages, Kaufman had written: «I’d be interested on seeing if Don Quixote, which shall act from 2nd to 5th June, will keep as living as I saw in Havana on year 2000. Because what I love the most on Cuban dancers’ that they know why they’re dancing; they don’t forget the story, even in a light one like this, where two lovers avoid the father’s disapproval and win his vote at the end».
A sudden change of her valuable opinions? Kaufman’s tacit subordination to a publisher politics of the influential press media? It is quite a challenge to name it. From hate of those who reply unkindly the article, we know much more.