El autor, junto a un busto de Shakespeare.

During April and May of 2018, I stayed in Mexico with the Atenas Brass Ensemble quintet, directed by Rodolfo Jorge Horta. We were there for the premiere of Yo soy el rey del mambo, at the theater of Esperanza Iris city, by the independent company Conjuro Teatro directed by Dana Stella Aguilar. This experience has allowed me to recognize the significance of mambo and the figure of Pérez Prado in this capital.
A binational project by the independent company Conjuro Teatro and the Casa de la Memoria Escenica, Beca Efiteatro 2017, “the return of Pérez Prado” to this land has evidenced the cultural mixture between Mexico and Cuba: an intimate relationship that various institutions and organizations from both countries made possible.
They say that the remains of the El Rey del Mambo (King of the Mambo) are no longer in the Cemetery of Dolores. And I believe it: an artist like him is always alive in the memory of people.