The last performance of Clover Theatre, group from Holguin well-founded in 2004 by initiative of the young playwright and actor Yunior García Aguilera, titled Jacuzzi -artistic direction, writing and acting by Yunior, with Víctor Garcés, Yanitza Serrano and Heidy Torres as actors-, has earned countless important prizes within the Cuban theatrical scene, among them the Holguin City Prize 2016 to the Best Staging, Best Actor and Best Actress; two nominations, 2017 and 2018, to the Cultural Success of the Year in Holguin; a nomination to Caricato Prize as Best Staging; another to Llauradó Prize for Víctor Garcés as Best Actor; the Cold Air Award as Best Young Show of 2017, and the Villanueva Review Award within the best shows of the year presented in Cuba.
«Jacuzzi started with our urgent need to express and communicate what was bothering and annoying us. Jacuzzi comes from this personal inconvenience and a way of saving ourselves, through honesty; rethink our real problems, before the other people’s troubles; not just the country’s problems, but our personal problems, as human beings, as individuals; that’s the reason why I believe we’ve succeeded, because within that singularity, there was a social archetype of the national being, and that’s what maybe has brought us this great impact», told by Yunior.