Gala contra la homofobia, 2017.
Since 2015, the Cuban singing scene is adorned with the voices of the Renacer vocal group, which combines as diverse musical genres as those of Afro-American music and the rather native rhythms of Cuban folklore. After winning the First Prize and the Popularity Prize in the Voces A Capella contest in the Las Voces Humanas International Festival, Renacer began its rise and recognition among vocal music fans. Although they are young people who did not go through academic training, they have an empirical talent and share it now with their first CD: Renacer, licensed by the Bis Music label, recorded at the Areíto studios of Empresa de Grabaciones y Ediciones Musicales (Egrem) and produced musically by Cuban singer David Blanco. Fernando Galindo, its director, comments that the CD has a mixture of several musical genres: reggae, jazz, soul, blues...«we played Cuban songs and fused Afro-American music with ours».