Desfila el comité organizador de las 25 Romerías.
Conferencia inaugural del Premio Memoria Nuestra.
El Ballet Español en Holguín.
Ángel de los teatristas callejeros / CoDanza en Paisajes Públicos. / La presencia de la cultura china.
Chaplin nunca falta.
Ceremonia inaugural de las 25 Romerías de Mayo.

Alexis Triana decided to stand up. He then felt at ease to tell those present that Memoria Nuestra was turning 24 years; that it was one of many events included in the ultimate fest that the Romerías were, and that contains the essence of collective creation in its spirit.
The Honorary President´s speech at this profoundly Iberian-American festivity is not only an appeal to the memory: it was a summary in words of that great effort materialized in the El Hacha en la Cruz: a book that compiles the history of the Romerías de Mayo. With a profound emotion, he mentioned the personalities who have been present in this event over 25 years as pillars of thought, and who have done so much for the safeguarding of Cuban thinking tradition.
«It is already four generations -stated Triana– who have been involved in defense of what is national from a space outside Havana, thus doing away with the myth that what does not happen in the capital just does not happen. Today we have 25 editions of something that we conceived from Holguín for the whole country, and that has involved more than 50 nations. I think we are still growing and that is the great challenge for the young people: to keep dreaming».