If you want to define where the role of young people is in Cuban contemporary art, then Post-it is that place. It is the platform that shows the diversity of visual arts and the work of the youngest artists of our country. It also establishes a link with the emerging artistic context and provides artists with the opportunity to exhibit their works and establish a possible collaboration with the galleries that are part of the Centro Nacional de Artes Plásticas Collage Habana (National Center of Plastic Arts, Collage Havana) under the Fondo Cubano de Bienes Culturales (FCBC): Cuban Fund of Cultural Assets.
Three unpublished works are rewarded in all manifestations of visual arts -drawing, painting, sculpture, installation, photography, engraving, digital art, video art, performance, etc.-. Galería Galiano is in charge of hosting the works in competition. The winners have the opportunity to have an exhibition with the promotional support that it requires.
The contest, emerged in 2013, now resumes its annual frequency, positioning itself as a shield of emerging art and rediscovering the Island's artistic talent.
Post-it offers something that young people value very much: opportunity.