The ability of human beings –something that all of us share- toward forgetfulness, recovery and resiliency never stops to amaze me.

I believe it’s the result of evolution, that process we’ve all witnessed through our lifetime and that of our parents, and in which movement is so progressive that we end up absorbing things that are way beyond belief.

Perhaps that’s why each passing day we happen on extreme situations; the less worrisome they are and the better we manage to live with them, the faster those conditions get a piece of our everyday life.

It’s no secret to anybody that tourism is going through one of its toughest moments in which all countries feel the people’s fear to travel. That renders in less bookings and only a handful of them trickles out in the last minute, a situation that makes any forecast –not even in the short run- a hard task to do.

Uncertainty is maybe the most talked-about word everywhere because destinations don’t know whether promotion is the right thing to do, or if they should stop advertisement at all and save their budgets for less stormy times. They simply don’t know what to do.

What a Catch-22 this is! Yet, we’ve got our minds made up to move ahead with the only thing we can possibly do: help countries to continue being a part of ourselves, to let them be a safety valve more than ever before, to search for paradises that are getting increasingly lost, and to put our bid in the future, hoping that things could really and only get better.

That’s the reason why we dare take down a new road with the publishing of “Excellence Travels,” which is waiting right there for you at the turn of the page. Give it a try… we’ll resume this conversation on the other side.