What a curious word that could be named the queen of present times: to travel. Everything now "travels": people, information, images...

He who does not travel, simply aspires to do it. If we are asked about an impossible wish would be that of travelling around the world. If we had money, we would travel to far-away places. If we had to choose an ideal job, that would be one where we travel.

Distance is shortened, time does not exist, we can have lunch in Spain and dinner in the Caribbean without noticing it, an article can be written in the Caribbean and the dummy can be made in Madrid in a reasonable time.

With Internet, the world has been placed into a screen, it's a question of patience. Any inquiry or anything we want to know out of curiosity is solved just asking and using the proper word.

Sometimes I have the impression that with so much "travelling" and movement, we run the risk of losing the genuine sense of travelling, the curiosity and the ability of getting surprised.

I would like so much that through our pages we may encourage the spirit of discovering small places, unique people, new tours, different aspects, impossible to be attained looking at the screen of a computer.

I would like we continue loving the paper, reading, experimenting vertigo before a new destination that make us learn, open the mind and the spirit towards the unknown.

Our illusion is to contribute with this protagonist concept: "travel," but also by means of the imagination with our magazine, dreaming through its pages toward a wonderful destination that is waiting for us: the Caribbean.

Consuelo Elipe