What does the Caribbean has, but savor? An intense and special savor, that any palate will for ever remember.

And as every exquisite dish, has so many tastes!!! We have prepared a spring menu that by the way starts from the sweetest: the sugar cane, but why not to draw mad and lose so many absurd rules worked out by such an orderly world. In the Caribbean everything is possible and to start from dessert as well. Then we continue with something with volcanic force, but softens with the mist and the green color of St. Pierre and as a main dish, Santiago de Cuba, an explosion of color, music, passion for life that reaches us from any corner or at any glance from a Santiago citizen, always proud of his city.

An unforgettable gathering is not only made up by food, but by details as well that fill the spirit with the joy of living and also with the pleasure of a good cigar, an unequal symbol of the force of the Caribbean.

Consuelo Elipe