In the tourism world, the summer of 2001 will be recalled particularly for its high temperatures registered in the tourism world and, not only measured in degrees. These have been difficult, surprising, problematic and sad months for many. Luckily some things were solved and we have learnt very positive things from the others, and now though more distrustful, we are also more demanding.

The temperature is to change again, the cold weather will reappear in some parts of the world, while in others, will remain the same; nonetheless, in the entire planet, we will continue moving under this umbrella called tourism that takes and brings us as a rising and falling tide.

Looking for a hot temperature, millions of people will arrive in the Caribbean where they won't only find a warm place, but a warm heart when discovering new people, the music and the caress of the Caribbean Sea.

For Excellences, a new season means another opportunity of discovering, wandering around which is what pleases us the most, always with the intention of sharing every discovery through words and images, seasoned with the personal approach that every one adds to this endeavor.

Many months and issues are still ahead to get lost in this side of the world and, on this occasion, we present you with a small sample going along the Cuban cays, listening to the Van Van orchestra or practicing sports at the Dominican Republic.

Come and accompany us through our pages and if you cannot afford to travel, don't miss the opportunity to visit, where the Caribbean is present all the year round.