We all like special things with certain meaning and perhaps that is why our 30 issue is different. It`s different for several reasons since our third year has elapsed and we are more acquainted with the Caribbean and we increasingly fall in love with such a fantastic area that we like to share. And for this issue, we have determined to write a monograph on Cuba "The Large Island" where the Havana Convention is to take place, a very important event in the field of tourism, not to mention the affectionate bonds that unite us to this country, where we have presented for the first time our magazine some time before and it seems that it was yesterday. We invite you to tour Cuba over these pages from one tip to the other where we tried to cover the highlights of each province and what is more important, a way of being, a way of living, so genuine of the Cuban people that made it unique. Join us in this visit, we are sure you won´t be indifferent.

Consuelo Elipe