Every day we face the discovery of life, something that has nothing much to do with what Columbus did many years ago.

Maybe we have a media and communication with which he had not, but we remain just as ignorant on key issues. If at the time believed the earth had to be flat, I think every day that something had to be like is not, and here comes the surprise.

Humans do not cease to surprise us, sometimes in horrific and sometimes feeling so wonderful that we have discovered America when we feel someone touches our hearts, and we can almost understand why this man felt when he stepped on a virgin land or watching a nondescript landscape.

That's the world in 2000, still flat, a brutal simplicity and infinite, and sometimes round, smooth and even by walking. We can re-discover America, but we can discover something that makes us cry Life in sight! And living is so difficult ......

Consuelo Elipe