Perhaps the main attraction of the Caribbean is the idyllic image that spring season is enjoyed all year round, the sun shines every single day and the intense blue color of the sea is with us as soon as we step on this region.

Just to have this recollection would be a superficial view and a simplification of this image.

The Caribbean region is such a complex and intense melting pot that we need many lives and pages to portrait just a light view of its content. Over forty countries live in an area where history is a complex full of influences, arrivals, departures, love and hated.

The race mixture is its wealth, the number of different religions and rites that surprise the european visitor, especially in these days when the Holy Week is about to come.

Different colors, food and music... If we become travelers instead of tourists, we can feel the "intrigue" of what is not seen at first sight, of what should be found to love this region once we get acquainted with it and then learn from what it offers.

Beautiful beaches and good climate can be found in various places, but so different sites that move us and make us think, not many. Multidestination is thus the most proper way to see the variety of different worlds in a single trip and this is the option we are offering.

Our goal is that on any page of our magazine, tourists can find the topics that contribute to make a choice, a destination, so that once in the site they discover their own ability to be amazed at the scenery chosen.

Consuelo Elipe