Life is no doubt full of contrasts. In February, we have the world of carnival filling up the streets with colorfulness and dancing. And in April, Holy Week takes recognition, devotion and, in many cases, sacrifice to many corners of the world.

The Caribbean is just another case in point of these differences that coexist in either harmony or ignorance. We find luxury, poverty, perils, innocence, beauty, disappointments and we have to accept all that because such is life: good and bad, beauty and ugliness.

For us, the Caribbean was never the perfect all-blue, always-sunlit myth where perfect couples traipse down lovely white beaches.

The Caribbean is like just any other tiny thing on this planet, with its two faces. Thus, there are countries that thrill us and others that leave us indifferent. That’s the way we have always tried to showcase them, in depth and with all shades and contrasts that breathe life into them.

In this 21st issue, we bring to you the explosion of the carnivals, the peacefulness of the Cuban countryside with the breathtaking beauty of its scenery, the historic testimony woven through centuries in Campeche and a smaller commercial area dedicated to the world’s major fairs.

All this much combined is what actually lures us; the different, the unknown and distant world that even though it loses its magic when it’s close at hand, we do have the marvelous time of dreaming of its perfection and pursuing it till we get there. Let’s continue pursuing the Caribbean and its myth and if someday one of those myths fall out of grace, let’s then reach out to the next. The world is nearly endless.

Consuelo Elipe