Still I remember those days when it was usual hear saying that the Caribbean was the impossible thing, something that only the very rich could make and I certainly didn't include myself in that group, for the customary image I had, was that of the traveling and adventurous cousin found in almost all the families.

Now life has largely changed and on occasions I wonder if this is good since at present the impossible things are less and less as well as more dreams are likely to come true. In general things are more accessible at present for a larger number of people and this is wonderful and is happening in the Caribbean. Now no longer we think about if some day we will go but instead, which will be the first or next destination, since flights makes time closer to us and there is a wide choice in prices and assorted offers from where to choose. We like to think that we also play a small role in this change with information, an information aimed to be complete and interesting, since we want to preserve this spirit with which we were born, to make a product by which we enjoy being welcomed by others.