When our world becomes so complicated, everyone immediately searches in a corner of memories, a lost paradise where to find at last a shelter, this is the Caribbean. When the tedious arrangements of airports, squares, places, strikes torture and frighten us, the final destination painted in blue and peace, make us to overcome everything, concentrating ourselves on the other side of the bridge. This is to travel, to be able to overcome all the difficulties in the struggle to attain an objective, it has a lot to do with love stories for the romantic approach and the innocence with which we face difficult times; however it’s too much efforts and on occasions, the prize does not match the effort unleashed. The Caribbean is pursuing this objective, to offer a product that truly meet all the travelers’expectations and not only an empty cliché. The Spanish-speaking countries are gaining positions and as a sample we are offering a historic part and not so well-known of a beautiful country named Cuba.