A year has passed by since you first received us in your hands, a year full of emotions, work, fast-learning on a part of the world even unknown for us.

We have been supported by a team of collaborators, customers that backed us from the very beginning and by faithful readers. Thanks to this common effort, the magazine is being distributed and read in distant sites like Spain, Mexico, Aruba, Venezuela, Bahamas, the United States, Canada and other European and Caribbean countries.

This is just for us the beginning of a path we hope to be a very long one, still many things remain to be done, many countries to speak about and little excellent things to offer.

Our objective continues being the same, to make the Caribbean closer so that its main features be known: their peoples, culture, landscapes, special characteristics, not only sun and beaches, but adventures which attract us every passing day.

We celebrate the first anniversary of our magazine with the feeling and satisfaction of working for a different and exciting project. Congratulations for you all and our appreciation for such a warm welcome.

Michael Youngman