The year is off to a start and, as in every beginning, lots of feelings and sensations come together.

On the one hand, we’re a tad tired because the burden of months is heavier now. But on the other hand, whatever begins always gives us some hidden strength, an array of goals to be reached and carloads of dreams to come true.

There’s no doubt that traveling to and scouring new worlds is on top of everybody’s agenda, on the list of wishful thinking and things to do.

We go at great lengths to splay all our searches and findings on the pages of this magazine in such a way that each and every issue brings our readers new destinations, practical ideas and interesting topics good enough to further whet the desires to enhance the mind by learning new things.

We wrapped up the year with some good news because we’re one of the leading publications in the market. Now the challenge is even bigger for we have to work twice as much to keep it up. The objective is both stimulating and tough. But the strength of work, the willingness and the commitment to the quality of the product we make, could really push rocks uphill.

Our intention will be focused on keeping the illusion burning and always putting out something either interesting or new, no matter how small it might be in every issue. This time up, we show you a destination quite unknown for many that will certainly turn out to be a treasure you’ll wish to unearth. Aruba embraces the magic and the spirit of the Caribbean, the same region we willingly seek and only on some privileged occasions is delivered to us.

Let’s hope this is one of those times.

Consuelo Elipe