Have you realized that not so long ago we were buying Christmas gifts and we’re now once again making vacation plans, or the luckiest ones packing up already?

Time is something incredible and uncontrollable that provides us with the biggest happiness of all and also puts us on the rack, or it just ticks by so slowly. That’s some kind of mystery!

But time also allows us to meet and move to other places, that same finite time that only gives us a few drops of leisure to peek a look out some windows at such magical places we’ll never call our own. That’s what really makes them so magical.

Because as everyone else, only what we enjoy in small dosages is really pleasant. I think that has a lot to do with discovery, curiosity, with the challenge of exploration, with the satisfaction of running away from humdrumness…

And discovering doesn’t mean getting too far. Sometimes we can find the most fascinating things right before our very eyes. We only need to know how to watch, learn to watch… and that’s such a hard thing to do!

Now when we sit down with the world in our fingertips, with the possibility of making a decision about what to do with our time, we get this feeling of power, of having the chance of changing our lives for just a few days. And that brings us joy and happiness, the same gladness we’ve been hunting down for twelve months and compares to nothing.