Turn your eyes into the past may sound as the lyrics of a bolero and also a practice we all do as human beings once and again along our lives.

This mental state towards the past, this feeling of imagining how a place looked like a thousand years before, to guess who their inhabitants were, may be simply experimented just by looking at a beautiful place.

This happens in the Caribbean, just by sitting on the sea bank and looking around, making you feel that everything is as Christopher Columbus saw it one day, one can imagine what his eyes saw and what his hands touched when landing, what the vegetation and the fauna that formed the Caribbean 500 years ago looked like.

It is true that sometimes you have to pay close attention to an advise: Never look behind, because civilization grows on our backs and this dream of discoverers can crumble when you see that a hotel emerges from the sand.

However another dream is just to play with thoughts, to return from the past and take a comfortable shower and enjoy an exquisite dinner. Beauty and comfort are perfect companions on a trip where you only need respect towards the natural wonders that this area offers us.

Get on board this trip toward adventure and loudly shout: "Sea on Sight!" when you discover the Caribbean Sea.

Consuelo Elipe