Have you ever thought that life is a rhythmical repetition of events, people and places? I assume that this is the logical way to be, but still I cannot stop thinking that human beings need, in certain way, monotony to feel more or less safe and secure or more or less comfortable. Can you imagine if every day we will go to a different job, or that Christmas were celebrated in a different month every year or tourism fairs were held according to our will and mood? Perhaps this is impossible and that’s why the routines and topics were created. Now in January, FITUR will take place and those engaged in tourism are ready to attend and then the Holy Week and then the summer and that’s the way it is and will be and we’ll continue talking about it. And in the midst of this atmosphere we leave a space to break paradigms and sometimes we travel to more or less known places, topics that have been more or less dealt with. And if you belong to the group of the "less", come to the Caribbean, the only place where the unrepeatable is repeated.

Consuelo Elipe.