The birth of a baby of a good friend coincided with the preparations of my vacations. Someone may ask about the connection between these two events. And there is no connection.

In the midst of phone calls, cancellations, high prices, negotiations, etc., I always think that this will be the last time I endure this, that next year I’ll have my vacations in the nearest town and won’t consult any cold troublesome catalogue which prevents me from taking the vacations I like. Regarding the subject of babies’ births, I have overheard women on labor and in pain stating that this will be the last time.

In both cases, people forget bad moments in a record time since good moments have the power of erasing the discomfort and pain of delivering a baby and —putting aside the difference, of course— the strain of preparing the suitcase for a trip.

Once more I will promise myself to prepare everything in advance and plan one thousand things more and again I will shout while preparing the suitcase and miss everything all over again pon return.