Welcome to the Caribbean, through the pages of Tourism Excellences.

The Caribbean is a complete multi-destination of opportunities for your ideal vacation: endless miles of beaches, nature and adventure travel, more than five hundred years of history and an extraordinarily rich culture, great shopping, casinos, water sports.. and much more!

The combination of cultures that have moulded our warm and hospitable people Spanish, African, French, Dutch and British es evident in every corner of the Caribbean islands. It is imprinted in our diverse and rich architecture, music, culture, arts, and of course, cuisine.

The Caribbbean has something for every taste and every budget, from small, quaint hotels, to megaresorts and all incluive properties. This is why we are the world's leading warm weather destination. A lifetime of vacation experiences await you here, in the Caribbean. Visit us soon, and many times after...

John Jefferies President of Hotel´s Asociation of the Caribbean