Aerocaribbean is the regional company that renders regular flight and charter services mostly inside Cuba, in Central America and in the Caribbean. Aerocaribbean is aimed at improving the transportation in the island in this summer of 2001. One of the main goals is to raise the number of regular domestic flights which link Havana with the main tourism resorts in the island: Varadero, Santiago de Cuba, Holguín, Cayo Coco, Trinidad, among others. The expansion consists of raising flight frequencies and the number of seats aboard, since Aerocaribbean seeks to meet all the transportation needs and largely improves the quality of its services. To attain this goal, the Company is gradually adding modern planes and is committed to maintain on-time departures, a practice that has always characterized this airline, as is shown by its high rate of punctuality. Aerocaribbean's main wish is that its passengers enjoy a pleasant flight, provides them with a faster way to arrive to all the corners of the archipelago so that they delight in the natural gifts of the surrounding environment. We leave you now with the pages of our in-flight magazine, through them you can also travel around Matanzas province where the beautiful Varadero Beach is found along with other attractive historic and natural places. Matanzas, the province of Yumurí River, has a lot to show.